News & Updates

2018-05-30: Viola Vitalis contributed in Human Milk Banking in Estonia:

2016-12-12: Project meeting with vice mayor of Kiev, Ukraine

Viola Vitalis project management team had a meeting with Mykola Povoroznyk, Deputy Head of Kyiv City State Administration, Ukraine in order to discuss about further action concerning establishing milk bank in Kiev.

2016-11-30: Viola Vitalis AB exported The First Human Milk Bank Turnkey System to South Korea

Viola Vitalis AB has delivered the first Human Milk Bank Turnkey System, worth of 2.25M SEK, to J&D medical in South Korea.

2016-11-21: MOU between J&D medical in South Korea and Milk Bank in Lund University Hospital

Viola Vitalis AB arranged an MOU between J&D medical and Milk Bank in Neonatal unit at Lund University Hospital for future collaboration in research and development.

2016-09-02: Viola Vitalis AB received order for HMB train and education service from South Korea

Viola Vitalis AB received an order from J&D medical in South Korea for training and education service for Human Milk Bank, worth of 0.75M SEK.

2016-09-01: Project grant by ALMI, Tillväxtverket, Stockholm county council (250K SEK)

Project is targeted on internationalizing nutraceuticals. The project has been started on September 2016.

2016-06-11 News: Project grant by Swed Fund: Business extension in Bangladesh with Nutraceutical for arsenicosis management (1.409M SEK)

Project is targeted on knowledge transfer on nutraceuticals marketing in Bangladesh. The project has been started operation in both Viola Vitalis AB Sweden and Bangladesh.