“Networking to Improve Health Care for Mothers and Premature Infants in the Baltic region and Maldova”

2015-06-24 Swedish Institute Seed Funding Project Granted

The Viola Vitalis seed funding project application was approved and granted by the Swedish Institute on 24th June 2015. The project, entitled Networking to improve health care for mothers and premature infants in the Baltic region and Moldova (NETINCARE), is aimed at creating a network to address the health care challenges of premature birth and mother care in the Baltic region (Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania) and Moldova, raising public awareness and suggesting possible solutions for future action and ideas for an extended project in a larger network.

Viola Vitalis AB, Sweden, is the leading partner, Grant holder
VV Project Management Team: Dr. Kader Abdul, CEO, Project Leader, Mrs. Aljona Sandgren, Project Manager, Dr. Kwak Young-Keun (DaeHo), Project Expert, Mrs. Görel Husén Strömqvist, Project Advisor

Project Partners

Prof. Staffan Polberger, Lund University Hospital, Executive committee member of the European Milk Bank Association (EMBA), (see CV Prof. S. Polberger)
Prof. Dr Heili Varendi, Tartu University and Hospital, Estonia (see CV Prof. H. Varendi), Prof. Arunas Valiulis, Vilnius University and Institute of Public Health, Lithuania,
Prof. Ninel Revenco, State University of Medicine and Pharmacology, Moldova,
Dr Olga Cirstea, Clinical lecturer, State University of Medicine and Pharmacology, Moldova.


2015-10-02 1st NETINCARE Project Coordination meeting and Workshop1 was held in Stockholm
Viola Vitalis AB held the first NETINCARE project coordination meeting and workshop 1 in Stockholm from 1st till 3rd October 2015. All the project partners from the Baltic countries and Moldova joined the meeting/workshop. The programme was prepared by G. Husén Strömqvist and A. Sandgren . At the coordination meeting, led by A. Sandgren, project partners agreed on the Project implementation plan (see attached), with division of responsibilities and a plan for future activities. Workshop 1 was led by Kader Abdul and included presentations by the project partners and invited experts (see the programme).

2015-11-08 NETINCARE Workshop 2 in Tartu, Estonia
The 2nd NETINCARE project workshop was held in Tartu University and Hospital in Estonia organized by Prof. H. Varendi from 4th until 5th November 2015 (see the programme). The current situation and statistics on preterm birth and mother care in Estonia were discussed as well as possible further project to solve these challenges. A Project meeting was held in connection with the workshop 2 (see Minutes).

2016-02-26 NETINCARE Workshop 3 in Lithuania
The 3d NETINCARE workshop was held in Vilnus, Lithuania on 26-27 February 2016 for 2 days, organized by Prof. Arunas Valiulis, with the mother and child commission of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and The Lithuanian Pediatric Society. A visit to Vilnius’ Childrens Hospital was organized for the NETINCARE team (see programme ).

2016-05-05 NETINCARE Workshop 4 and International Conference in Maldova
The 4th NETINCARE workshop, a hand-on-training for 40 person was held on Chisinau, Maldova on May 5th followed by an international conference on May 6, attended by 160 persons including doctors, nurses and health officers. The conference participants receives training certificates approved by the Ministry of Health. These events were co-organized by Prof. Ninel Revenco, Dr. Olga Chistea and Mrs Aljona Sandgren. A project meeting was held on 7th May, summarizing project activity and discussing plan for the future (see Programme).