Human Milk Bank Turnkey System

Human milk is the best nutrition for the babies with multiple benefits, and Human milk bank fulfils crucial role for ensuring safe breast milk for infants. Especially, it is critically necessary for saving preterm babies who are immunologically vulnerable and at high risk of illness and death. Establishing a right milk bank with right infrastructure is crucial, but scaling up of this lifesaving intervention has always been challenging in many different countries.

Viola Vitalis AB has gained expert knowledge and resources on human milk banking through running business in the field of nutraceuticals and human nutrition since we established. Besides our long-term experience, we have specialist in neonatology, microbiology, medical science, milk process engineering, IT technology and management in our human milk bank turnkey system group.

Viola Vitalis human milk bank turnkey solution offers an extensive system to establish a high-performing human milk bank, ensuring safety, quality, sustainability with advanced technologies and a knowledge transfer from experts in human milk banking. It creates a great synergy for the improvement of the health of the children and reduces infant mortality rate.

Viola Vitalis Human Milk Bank Operation Model

Current ongoing Project

J & D medical Co., Ltd. (Daejeon, South Korea) - Establishment of a high performing human milk bank turnkey system.


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