About Of Viola Vitalis AB

Viola Vitalis AB has been established in 2010 with the aim to develop and disseminate innovative technology, methodology and nutraceuticals. We have initiated project to develop nutraceuticals to prevent and manage arsenicosis. With the leverage of the latest research outcomes and inventions, we design and develop nutrient based healthcare and developmental products. Our products are researched, evaluated, developed and designed in America, Europe and Asia. The dynamic company later expanded into the field of sustainable healthcare systems for all generations with satellite clinic to disseminate our products and services.

To be instrumental to reduce the mortality for infants, especially preterm infants, Viola Vitalis AB started to establish turnkey system for human milk bank with cutting-edge technologies. For sustainable operation of human milk bank turnkey system, we have started to train the end users.

We carry out research collaborations and work closely with our key partners in world wide.
Our team of biochemists, microbiologists, engineers and professionals ensure high standard that the company aspires to maintain. Viola Vitalis AB is indeed the forerunner in the field of nutraceuticals and healthcare technologies.